Enterprise Technology Center

       The enterprise technology center jointly established by the company and Jinan Zhaohui Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the research, development and achievement transformation of polyester and PTA series catalysts. Our company uses patented technology to develop and produce hydrobromic acid, liquid cobalt acetate and manganese acetate products. High-efficiency and pollution-free synthesis is achieved, and the liquid product is directly used as a catalyst for PTA without crystallization and purification. Its production technology and economic and technical indicators are in a leading position in the world. No environmental pollution.

       The center has 3 engineering technology leaders with high technical level and rich engineering practice experience, and has 11 high-level chemical catalyst technology research and engineering designers. The company and its partner Jinan Zhaohui Company have applied for or owned more than 10 Patent.


      The center has established extensive contacts with relevant domestic key universities, research institutes, equipment manufacturers, engineering design and other units. The test equipment and infrastructure conditions in the center are complete, and the analysis and testing methods are complete. Have the ability to undertake the technical test of catalyst production.

        The technical achievements that have been developed include:

       1. The new process for the production of liquid cobalt acetate and manganese acetate catalysts, and the reactors designed and manufactured independently can respectively produce cobalt acetate with cobalt flakes, cobalt powder, cobalt salt, etc. as raw materials;

       2. Cobalt bromide, manganese bromide, cobalt manganese bromine ternary composite catalyst

            production technology;

       3. Production technology of antimony triacetate and antimony glycol;

       4. Titanium catalysts for polyesters such as PET, PBT, PTT and PEN

           , composite catalyst;

       5. Cobalt and manganese oxalate homogenization technology;

       6. Production technology of n-propyl acetate;

        7. Nano barium sulfate, etc.