Purchasing Information

The raw materials that the company needs to purchase all year round are as follows:


Raw material name Model Specifications
Bromine  Gifted class 
red phosphorus Gifted class
metal cobalt 99.8%
manganese metal 99.7%
acetic acid Gifted class
Hydrogen peroxide 27.50%
polypropylene F401
polyethylene 1C7A、7042
anhydrous ethanol ≥99.8%
Liquid ammonia ≥99.8%
sodium hydroxide Total alkali content(98~100.5)
Anhydrous sodium sulfate ≥99.3%
Petroleum ether Boiling range60~90℃
Ethyl acetate ≥99%
Bromopropane ≥99%
Propionitrile ≥99.5%
polyphosphoric acid ≥84%
Raw material name Model Specifications
antimony trioxide 99.8%
Ethylene Glycol 99.8%
Dimethyl carbonate ≥99.5%
Sodium amide ≥98%
Polyester Filament FDY1000D 
High strength polypropylene yarn 840D 
polyester thread 35×3 
hanging lugs 70×960mm
Ultrafine modifier For drawing
Modifier for packing 
cardboard  2345×763mm
flat wire Mild Steel Coating
ink waterborne
floor nails 50、57
wood  1306×10×4mm
square roll button 42×42×3mm
activated carbon Gifted class