What are the functions and performance characteristics of silane treatment agent? What should I pay attention to when using it?


After entering the 21st century, with the rapid development of the world economy, the metal surface treatment technology is also constantly improving and improving in the changing times. At present, new and more environmentally friendly silane treatment technologies are being developed at home and abroad. The silane treatment agent technology is suitable for treating cold-rolled steel sheets, aluminum materials, zinc, aluminum alloys and other metal substrates, among which galvanized steel sheets are less effective. The in-line production process of a variety of substrates can be realized, and the treatment effect is related to the treatment method (the effect of silane spraying is better than that of dipping, because the latter is more stringent).

Silane treatment agent

Silane treatment agent is mainly used for the film-forming treatment of steel workpieces. It can form a sky blue film on the surface of the workpiece, improve the adhesion and anti-corrosion function of the workpiece, and protect the metal for a long time. Silane treatment agent is environmentally friendly and fast. In order to produce better results, the editor has sorted out the functions and performance characteristics of silane treatment agent, as well as the matters needing attention when using it.

1. Precautions for using silane treatment agent:

1. The silane treatment agent needs to use pure water. In order to obtain good film performance and prolong the life of the bath, pure water should be used.

2. Cast iron tank body cannot be used. In order to reduce the corrosion of the tank and the loss of effective components of the silane treatment agent, it is recommended to use materials other than cast iron, such as stainless steel above 304, glass fiber reinforced plastic lining or hard PVC and PE lining. Cast iron tank.

3. Deformation of old lines needs to be cleaned of phosphating slag.

4. Please read the manual carefully when you use it for the first time. Those who are inexperienced, please use it under the guidance of technicians.

5. The silane treatment agent is used with 5% water, without heating.

6. Use automatic equipment to spray the workpiece that needs film for 1min30s. After the treatment is completed, take it out, wash it with clean water, and dry it to start the next process.

Second, the function and performance of silane treatment agent:

1. The silane treatment process has no slag, short treatment time and simple control;

2. Nickel, zinc, manganese and other harmful heavy metal ions, no phosphorus, no heating;

3. With few processing steps, the surface adjustment and passivation process can be omitted. The bath has a long service life and is easy to maintain.

4. Effectively improve the adhesion of paint on the substrate.

5. Iron plates, galvanized plates, aluminum plates and other equipment can be processed in a straight line.

Silicification is the process of surface treatment of metal or non-metal materials with organosilicon as the main raw material. Compared with traditional phosphating, silicidation has many advantages in that it does not contain harmful heavy metal ions and phosphorus, and does not require heating. The silicon treatment process does not produce slag, the treatment time is short, and the control is simple. There are few processing steps, the surface adjustment process can be omitted, and the bath can be reused. It can effectively improve the adhesion of paint to the substrate, and can process various substrates such as iron plate, galvanized plate and aluminum plate in line.

Silane treatment agent has a lot of knowledge and is professional in operation. It is mainly used on automatic lines. For the first time, it is recommended to sample first and try it out under the guidance of technicians.