Silane-modified polyether, the new favorite in the chemical world


Health and Environmental Protection

Traditional sealants (silicone glue) contain solvents, which will release formaldehyde, VOC (volatile organic compounds), etc., which endanger people's physical and mental health. MS sealant does not contain formaldehyde and isocyanate, is solvent-free, non-toxic, odorless, and has a VOC release far below the national standard. It is an environmentally friendly construction adhesive product.

no pollution

Traditional silicone sealants will precipitate silicone oil, making it adhere to pollutants, especially when used on porous materials such as stone and concrete, which will cause pollution that is difficult to remove around. It is one of the main sources of pollution on building facades, which greatly reduces the aesthetics and image value of buildings. MS sealant overcomes such defects in mechanism and does not produce the same pollution.


Among silicone adhesives, polyurethane adhesives and MS sealants, the adhesive force of silicone adhesive is relatively weak, while the adhesive force of polyurethane adhesive is strong, but it needs to be used with primer. MS sealant has excellent adhesive properties and can adapt to Most architectural substrates do not require primer bonding.

Weather resistance

The molecular structure of MS glue determines its good weather resistance. It can still maintain good elasticity when exposed to the outdoors for a long time. The colloid itself will not produce bubbles or cracks. Extrusion, suitable for outdoor, indoor, humid, low temperature and other operating environments.


Traditional silicone sealants cannot be painted with paint, and it is often necessary to adjust the color of the colloid to maintain the same color as the exterior wall paint. The production process is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Not only is the color difficult to ensure the same, but the cost is also difficult to control. MS sealant can be directly painted on the surface of the colloid, and it is not compatible with most paints. It avoids troubles, and perfectly achieves the unity of the exterior wall color, so as to maintain the beauty of the main body of the building.

stress relief

The building base material will shrink over time, resulting in a tendency for the joints to expand slowly. The bonding surface of ordinary sealants will be subjected to greater mechanical effects, resulting in sealant cracking and bonding surface damage. question. MS sealant has both stress and elasticity at the same time. Even if it is in a stretched state for a long time, under the action of stress relaxation, it can greatly eliminate the influence of the shrinkage of building substrates.