MS resins and downstream applications


MS resin, also known as silane-modified polyether resin, is the main material for preparing MS sealant, accounting for 80% of its raw materials. At present, my country is relatively weak in MS resin synthesis, sealant preparation and engineering application technology research, and most of MS resins rely on imports.

The main downstream product of MS resin is silicone modified polyether sealant. It is a new type of sealant with good structure and performance. It has good workability, paintability and no pollution. It is an important sealant development at home and abroad. direction. At present, silicone-modified polyether sealants have developed well in foreign markets, and have taken an absolute dominant position in the Japanese construction sealant market (55% of the market share); the market share in the United States also accounts for about 25%. However, the domestic related industries have just started, and there is still a lot of space.

Silicone modified polyether sealant is mainly used in the construction industry. In addition, it can also be used in many sub-sectors such as automotive industry coatings, solar panels, and daily chemicals. Most of them belong to emerging industries in China and have great growth. space.