What are the advantages of silane treatment agent compared with ordinary phosphating?


Silane treatment agent is mainly used for the film-forming treatment of steel workpieces. It forms a sky blue film on the surface of the workpiece, improves the adhesion of the workpiece, and has anti-corrosion function. It can also be used for film-forming treatment. What are the advantages?

Silane treatment agent

As environmental requirements become more and more important, the traditional phosphating process, nickel and tailings treatment problems can no longer meet the requirements of modern environmental protection. Coating adhesion and corrosion resistance, processing steel, zinc, aluminum and their alloys. The advantages of silane treatment agents are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

First of all, compared with the previous phosphating treatment, the use of silane treatment agent is more energy-saving. Whether it is kinetic energy or thermal energy, it can save a lot of resources. In this regard, metal treatment of less than 1,000 square meters can save about 60 yuan.

Secondly, environmental protection is the product of new technology, so in wastewater treatment and residue treatment, silane treatment agent basically does not need slag removal equipment, relatively speaking, wastewater treatment can save resources. Of course, another important point is that the price of this medicine is not very expensive. In other words, although this is also a new research result, its price is not high.

Third, the ultra-thin organic film formed by the silane treatment agent can replace the traditional phosphating film. The weight of the phosphating film is usually 2~3g/㎡, and the weight of the OXSILAN coating film is only 0.1 g/㎡, the difference is about 20 times.

Fourth, the Si-O-Me covalent bond has strong intermolecular bonding force, so the product is stable and can improve the anti-corrosion ability of the product.

Fifth, the silane treatment agent is easy to use and easy to control. The bath liquid is prepared by two-component liquid, and it only needs to adjust the pH value and conductivity. Like phosphating fluids, many parameters need to be controlled, including hyaluronic acid, total acid, accelerators, zinc, nickel, manganese content, temperature, etc.

Sixth, it can save energy and reduce energy costs by operating at room temperature or low temperature.

Seventh, it has good environmental protection performance, no harmful heavy metals, no slag, less waste water discharge, convenient treatment, and can be closed and recycled by installing filters and ion exchangers.

Eighth, applicability: suitable for dipping, spraying and other treatments.

Ninth, multi-metal treatment process: cold-rolled sheet, hot-dip galvanized sheet, electro-galvanized sheet, coated sheet, aluminum and other sheets can be mixed.

Tenth, the process is simple, the process is short, the comprehensive cost is low, the product consumption is low, and the three wastes treatment cost is low. The silane treatment agent is compatible with the existing coating process and coating equipment, without equipment modification, and can be put into production only by replacing the silicone treatment agent.