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  • Name: WS-23
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Generic Name: WS - 23

Chemical Name: N, 2, 3 - Trimethyl - 2 - isopropyl Butanamide

English name: N, 2, 3 - Trimethyl - 2 - isopropyl Butanamide

CAS NO. : 51115-67-4


Code inside GB 2760-2011: S1294  

FEMA No. : 3804

H.S Code: 2924299090

Molecular Formula: C10H21N0

Molecular Weight: 171.28
Appearance: white crystalline solid.

Aroma, flavor: mint cool taste.

Melting point: 60 ~ 63 .


Acid value (KOH): ≤1 mg/g.


Content (GC): ≥99.0%.


Content of heavy metals (Pb): ≤ 10 mg/kg.

Content of Arsenic (As): ≤ 3 mg/kg.




1. It has high sense of cool taste, no menthol bitter, hot feeling, no burning, numbness and stimulating and other side effects, which can produce more impacted, pure, fresh and lasting fragrance effected on oral mucosa and throat

2. It will not affect cool and refreshing and strength of the products under continuous high temperature of 200 ;

3. Cool and refreshing feeling can sustain for 15-30 minutes with rich cool feeling;

4. It can solve the difficulty of bad taste product development, bring the products more pleasant cool and refreshing feeling;

5. Low dosage, suggested usage 30-100 PPM,

6. It is suggested to be used with essence, this product has good synergistic effect with essence, flavouring effect is remarkable.

[ use ] mainly used in confectionery, beverages, toothpaste, skin care washing supplies, medicine, oral care products such as its cooling agent.

[ storage ] shading, seal preservation.