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Flavor and fragrance industry has great potential

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Flavor and fragrance industries is a low investment, high return business, fragrance and flavor industry closely related with people's lives, all countries in the world attach great importance to the development of flavor and fragrance industries, international market spices flavor industry with an annual growth rate of about 47%. World flavor industry monopoly, competition is intense, high investment in scientific research and other characteristics. From the global flavors demand market, the Asia-Pacific region the fastest growth in demand, by the end of 2014, the Asia-Pacific region flavor market expected to total $6500000000. China is the world's perfume plants in most rich countries, China has be richly endowed by nature spice resources, especially natural flavor variety, has the advantage of low cost, therefore our country flavor market has vast space and development potential.

Champoux consulting chemical industry analyst thinks, food and beverage processing industry is the flavor market main consumption area, cosmetics and health products market development also gave the flavor and fragrance industry has brought great driving force. China's flavor market characteristic is: 1, the internationalization of the domestic market; 2, the private enterprises have become the main force of industry; 3, fragrance and flavor industry enterprises, but on a smaller scale, product structure is more onefold; 4.

Champoux consulting released " 2009-2012 year Chinese flavor Market Research Report " shows the depth of investigation, Chinese flavor and fragrance industry starts late, but develops rapidly. Whether in the perfume plant resources, and has formed the product variety and quantity of natural spices, flavors and fragrances in the international market of China have occupied a certain position, in recent years, international enterprises have investment in China as well as private capital enter, make fragrance spices enterprises is becoming increasingly fierce, I China flavors and fragrances company technology has been close to or in synchronization with the international advanced level, in the fierce competition in the market, flavor spices enterprises shall rationally analyze the market, the market segments, the production that has its own characteristics of products, to meet the needs of consumers at different levels.

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