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Strengthen innovation of science and technology to promote the rapid growth of fragrance and flavor industry

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Flavor and fragrance industry is national economy in high science and technology content, and strong support, and other industry high degree of the industry, its products are widely used in food, medicine, household and other flavoring products, related products, annual sales reached 10 yuan.

By the China Association of fragrance flavor and cosmetic preparation " flavor and fragrance industry " Twelfth Five-Year "development plan " proposed, " Twelfth Five-Year Plan " period, flavor spices production will remain in the " eleven five " period of rapid growth, the average annual growth rate may reach about 15%, to 2015 production is expected to reach 40000000000 yuan of total sales. When my country flavor spices in the global market share will achieve about 20%, China will become the global perfume industry is one of the most important countries. Fragrance product development will be faster than the spices product development, in "925 " stage, fragrance products sales proportion will reach around 55%.

Development of natural spices flavor and innovation of science and technology advance

By agriculture and forestry biomass resource comprehensive utilization and new varieties of directional breed, promote the development of industry of our country natural flavor. Our country has many unique varieties of osmanthus, camphor, Litsea cubeba, plum, and in the global competitive advantage of natural spices, cinnamon, star anise varieties of pine trees, therefore needs further excavation, protection of germplasm resources and new varieties of oriented cultivation; but also on appropriate to China's planting and development of varieties of lavender, rose such as introduction, domestication and large-scale cultivation. The endemic species and dominant species of alien species introduction, optimization, increase natural spices products, per unit area yield and improve its quality.

Through the development of new products, optimize the traditional production process, promote the synthesis of spices development. The production of large advantages in product manufacturing process green transformation, encourages the use of hydrogenation technology, hydrogen peroxide oxidation technology, organic synthesis technology and other catalytic reaction technology, so that the production process more green. In spices production process to promote the automatic control technology, the spice production process is more safe and controllable, and improve production efficiency.

The flavor production process improvement, aroma of controlled release technology and aroma improving mathematical expression technology development enhances our country flavor production technical standards. As with plenty of hot processing technology to improve the quality of the content of Maillard reaction, the aroma of mathematical expression technology development makes on aroma is described more easy to communicate with the communication.

Actively create flavor technology R & D platform, promote the flavor industry technology progress. Conditionally selective universities, Research Institute, construction of the 2 - 3 national or provincial flavor engineering technology center or key laboratory. Through engineering and technical center, will have significant market value of scientific and technological achievements industrialization research and system integration, transformation is suitable for scale production required engineering generality, key technology and competitive products. Through the construction of the Key Laboratory for the development of new products, research new technologies, build a first-class technology development and systems integration team.

Actively promote the new variety spices on the development and application of the promotion of new spices, evaluation and related to the protection of intellectual property. So far, our spices product development using the digestion and absorption of foreign varieties of methods, which to some extent has affected our country flavor product development, especially high-quality fragrance product development limited. At present, the domestic many flavor spices enterprises and scientific research units to comprehensive development strength has been enhanced, has a new perfume creation ability. In the " 12th Five-Year Plan" may appear in our country with completely independent intellectual property rights of new spices, the flavor development from digestion and absorption into the independent innovation era.

Complement, perfect, optimize the flavor and fragrance industry standard system

China's flavor and fragrance industry standardization work has formed a basic standard, method standard, product standards and management standards for the main categories of standard system. During the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan " of our country flavor spices criteria will be based on the original ceaseless complement, perfect, optimization, the main work includes the following several points.

One is to continue to strengthen national standards and industry standards revision work. In order to maintain the timeliness and effectiveness of existing standards, the existing standard timely revision, so that the content is consistent with the requirements of the situation.

Two is to better implement the " food safety law ", with the national food safety standard Review Committee on food additives professional committee, established " the national food safety standards of food flavor spices standard "; at the same time as the perfume products safe use, make fragrance residual solvent determination and determination of peroxide value of detection standard and method.

Three is to enhance food flavor of products with national standards and industry standards the proportion of important food, spices products formulate corresponding national standards or trade standards.

Four is to continue to cooperate with the Customs General Administration and the environmental protection department and other relevant departments of the state standards related to work done. As with the environmental protection department of the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan " compilation of national environmental standards revision plans, and strive to do " flavor and fragrance industry clean production exhaust emission control standard " formulation.

Development of the industry needs policy support

One is to straighten out the flavor and fragrance industry standard management system, increase the revision of the standard system of funds. Firstly, the original standard and is formulated or approved standard phase, clear administration and management, at the same time on the need to transfer standards for the implementation of effective transfer. Secondly, attention should be paid to the training of personnel, enhance the business ability; to attract and retain talents, guarantee the standardization work of the sustainable development.

Two is to establish and perfect the mechanism of intellectual property protection, on the independent innovation of enterprises and individuals to give policy support and protection, especially to establish new spices found and use the intellectual property rights protection mechanism, to promote the enterprise independent innovation initiative.

Three is the establishment of international trade policy support system, strengthen the international competitiveness. Through the export credit, financial discount, relief measures to encourage export tariffs, flavor spices enterprises to expand technology and product exports, open up foreign markets. On foreign imports of spices flavor products to levy certain duties, in order to protect our country flavor and fragrance industry development. Construction of several spices flavor products export base, have the advantage of technology or to independent intellectual property products in the international market occupies a large share, and cultivate a batch of export products spices fragrance consisting mainly of world class enterprise.

Four is to strengthen safety supervision, on a scientific basis to establish the safety evaluation and risk analysis principle of mechanism. Food safety management based on risk assessment based on, so the government should establish a scientific food safety evaluation and risk analysis system.

Five is the government to support the establishment of Technology Center, to increase investment in skills training work. Rely on enterprise oneself actual strength independently related basic research too much pressure, the government support the industry on the basis of the research and development platform construction, many technical innovation activities will make the enterprise inside the industry generally benefit, effectively promotes technical innovation for.

Six is the promotion of clean production technology. To encourage energy conservation and environmental protection of the construction projects, and to give financial support. Restrict low-level repeat construction project, limitation of resources and serious pollution of the project construction.

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