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The restructuring of enterprises Dakang Industrial Company in Jiangsu province after the letter committee review

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Jiangsu Provincial Commission of economy and information review group to Sinopec Instrument Enterprises -- Jiangsu Dakang industrial limited company this company to declare provincial technology center on-site review. Provincial Commission of economy and information evaluation group of big company declaration affirmed, and puts forward some suggestions.

Jiangsu Kang Industrial Co., Ltd. is engaged in a major catalyst for polyester, additives, packaging, chemical fiber products manufacturing enterprises, is China's Sinopec level catalyst suppliers, but also domestic polyester, chemical fiber, chemical industry the main supporting one of the suppliers, leading products of liquid acetic acid cobalt manganese catalyst, hydrogen bromide Market share up to 15%. The company technology center was built in 2007 July, mainly engaged in polyester, PTA catalyst R & D work, at the beginning of 2008 additional organic synthesis in the laboratory, fine chemical products in the research. The company technology center of existing research and development staff of 72 people, have the core technology and patent quantity rapid expansion. Leading products of liquid acetic acid cobalt manganese products, since put into production for safe and stable operation. In 2007, about 5000000 yuan in profits and taxes, amounted to about 7000000 yuan 2008. Due to the catalytic performance is higher than that of crystal products, to PTA manufacturer to bring indirect economic benefit is amounted to 200000000 multivariate. Technology center after 2 years development of technology innovation, technology improvement and renewal of activities, enhance the company's overall technical level and development potential, so that the company's hydrobromic acid and other production equipment level of economy and technology have reached the domestic advanced level, but also for the enterprise created 18000000 yuan economic benefits.

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