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China tobacco flavor spices future development period

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With the rapid development of Chinese tobacco industry, big brand formation, as well as tobacco category further perfect, high-quality tobacco flavor spices demand also is in grow with each passing day. China tobacco flavor spices development space is further open.

Spice the demand pattern changes

Tobacco flavor spices with the cigarette market development.

Hubei tobacco company technical staff Xiong Guoxi points out, China is the world's largest cigarette consumption country, annually consume about two trillion cigarettes, tobacco flavor in China in the past 10 years have achieved rapid development in China and the cigarette brand development and Chinese style cigarette taste in the form plays an important role in.

Nowadays, Chinese market, high-grade cigarette brands increasingly concentrated, means for high quality tobacco flavor are also increasing demand. In the first half of this year, key cigarette brand, Baisha, Hongta hill, the Red River in three brands sold more than 1000000 boxes, Hongmei, Huangguoshu Waterfalls, Mount Huangshan, double happiness, Yunyan five brand sales of more than 700000 boxes, sales of the largest 10 brand sales concentration reached 68.57%.

In addition, the present Chinese style cigarette several large category formation, also make the cigarette flavor market development.

Nowadays, " Creek Hua Wang, " the big four represent four flavor category has won the recognition of consumers. Among them, " China" is " flavor " category representative, smoke flavor, rich, aroma harmony. " Yuxi" is the " Fen " category representative, elegant natural fragrance, alcohol and tobacco, the incense highlight. " Yellow Crane Tower " is " elegant flavor " category representative, the tobacco fragrance and the natural herb fragrance combination of natural, elegant and Jin sweet, alcohol and fine, elegant aroma, the permeability is good. " King " is " middle scent " category representative, between " Fen " and " flavor " and tends to clear, tobacco raw sweet show, elegant and delicate, smoke, smell alcohol and coordination.

In addition to the " Jinsheng " "herbal incense " category, " double happiness " and " original flavor " category and the " clouds" of " sweet incense " new category is being formed.

Tobacco flavor of the three

At present, in China 's tobacco flavor spices market, international champion, the market share of over 43%. Now, Huabao international mainly for the best-selling brand supplier. Warburg group in Shanghai, Yunnan, Guangdong, Jiangsu and Shandong, with production base, and in Shanghai, Yunnan, Guangdong, Germany has R & D center.

In addition to international the giant, and some domestic manufacturers also flavor spices, tobacco flavor spices divides a cup of a thick soup, such as Shanghai Epristeride spice Limited company, but the relatively smaller scale.

In fact, in addition to these special flavor spices manufacturers, well-funded tobacco enterprises are committed to independent research and development characteristics of flavor spices, and achieved considerable success. The success of tobacco enterprises, is the Hubei tobacco group and Jiangxi tobacco group.

In recent years the rise of Hubei tobacco group of high-end brands are Yellow Crane Tower, "elegant flavor " category representative, the aroma from the independent research and development of flavors and fragrances. Yellow Crane Tower science and technology garden engineers have used the original " five extraction, four grade separation " ultra pure extraction technology, from Shennongjia natural herb extract and cigarette fragrance coordinated 300 kinds of monomer flavor effective active ingredients, added to the Yellow Crane Tower cigarette.

Jiangxi tobacco group " Jin Sheng " brand, the use of independent research and development of the " Gold Saint fragrant flavor ", after 15 years of continuous exploration and development, has become a " herbal incense " category representative brand. Gold Saint brand added with pharmacological effects of herbal plant extracts " Gold Saint fragrant ", in taking the style not only has the obvious herbal incense rhyme, more natural, comfortable run, low harmful characteristics. At present, the "golden saint fragrant " from "the Jin Shengxiang generation " to " Jin Shengxiang two ", to the development of the " Jin Shengxiang three generation ". In May 19, 2009, China tobacco Jiangxi investment 46000000 yuan "golden saint fragrant " refining center project in the gold saint Industrial Science and Technology Parks completion, this is the Chinese tobacco industry is the only Chinese herbal medicine extraction production line features technology production lines, and will become China's tobacco industry this harm reduction technology research centers and experimental bases.

For the China tobacco flavor market, some brokerages report, over the past 3 years the annual growth rate of more than 9%. And Xiong Guoxi thinks, domestic tobacco industry annually imports flavor spices will consume more than 3000000000 Yuan of investment. This has attracted more and more international flavors and fragrances giant focus to China market.

The sortie China tobacco flavor spices market the most is the French company Manny, the company has entered the top 10 Chinese tobacco flavor spices supplier ranks. The company in China, Shanghai, Beijing has R & D center in Tianjin, a manufacturing plant, in Shanghai in 2007 and built another factory.

In addition, 100% focused on the tobacco industry Hz spice company also began to increase to expand the strength of Chinese market, 2006 in the Chinese market sales of about 3000 tons, some Chinese tobacco has also become their customers.

Future research.

At present, several large cigarette category formation, as well as the " imperial " " concentrated pure incense " category, "" gold leaf " mellow " category, " Jinqiao " and " milk " category, " Lanzhou " and " soft incense " category and other new types of rise, need to have complementary with the flavor spices to achieve the desired results. These are inseparable from the support of scientific research.

At present, some visionary flavor spices enterprises, such as the Warburg food flavor spices ( Shanghai) Company Limited, Shanghai Epristeride spice Limited company have established their own research and development center, with the domestic and foreign research institutions, universities combination, the establishment of joint research and development base, strengthen and enhance the technical and scientific research.

However, to some extent, the domestic research results lack of sharing mechanism, also affected the development of scientific research. Reportedly, Hubei tobacco company after 5 years, a total investment of nearly 20000000 yuan, with our unique Chinese herbal medicine as raw materials, using ultrasonic extraction, microwave extraction, supercritical carbon dioxide extraction, cold pressed means, integrated with independent intellectual property rights for the flavor spices extraction separation and purification technology. Hubei tobacco company technical staff Xiong Guoxi said, our technical problem breakthrough, inside and outside the industry to other enterprises still immerse oneself in do. Because of considering the market competitions, plus domestic intellectual property protect environment is still not perfect, we dare not open. At present, this technique is mainly supply their own factory, the annual savings of one hundred million yuan, and have begun to try to the development of food and cosmetic products.

Therefore, the protection of intellectual property rights cases, enhance the flavor development and technical exchanges, to avoid duplication of research, to promote the new technology breakthrough. In addition, the flavor spices, the company still needs to increase investment in technology innovation, rapid training of one of their own strong in the area, for the future development of the fight for survival.

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