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Pastry industry is the use of essential focus

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Compared to dairy products, such as rice production and processing enterprises, food flavor, fragrance in the bakery industry more generally used. Shao Guirong introduces, at present, I have the cake to produce manufacturer 8, these enterprises using food additive standard, but the streets there are hundreds of homemade pastry shop, the shop in the production process, using a large amount of edible spices, flavor, some cakes containing as many as 20 kinds of food additives. Although the new regulations, not included in the prohibited flavor cakes, but in the future, the quality supervision departments will according to previously promulgated standards, pastry production and businesses to increase superintendency strength, forbidden to add prohibited various spices and flavor, endanger public health.

The quality monitoring department points out, new regulations emphasize, who added flavors, flavors of food, all in accordance with the national standards for identification, clearly tell consumers. Quality supervision departments will be based on the terms of the our city, all food production enterprises to carry out a dragnet inspection.

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