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The European Commission to limit the cosmetics in sensitized spices used

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It is reported, Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety ( SCCS ) announced on the use in cosmetics fragrance allergens related propositions, and in 2012 June 26-27 was the adoption of.

The idea was updated in 1999 by the EU cosmetic and non-food products Consumer Science Committee ( SCCNFP ) released a report. The report shows that since 1999, more and more flavor substances in human show certain allergenicity. The ring has a base case study of formaldehyde, there have been more than 1500 case report.

Scientific Committee on consumer safety use of existing lead dose response data to decide whether to build the safety threshold of sensitized spices. The report said on sensitive individual safety threshold will be low enough, used to protect the most sensitive individuals and most sensitive consumer. But from the human dose leads to the experimental data is very limited, not a standard can be said for most allergen exposure of consumers are safe. But the report also points out at the same time, the existing research suggests exposure ( 0.8 μ g/cm2 0.01% content in cosmetics ) for most consumers are acceptable.

The ring has a base case study of formaldehyde, Consumer Safety Science Committee says the matter cannot be used in consumer products to avoid more due to contact ring has formaldehyde caused by allergy case, reduce allergic consumers allergic reaction. The European Commission on oakmoss and oak moss lichen of the major components of 2,6- two -4- hydroxyl methyl benzaldehyde and chlorinated moss black aldehyde has also developed a similar method.

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