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Flavor regulation - the protection of consumers' right to know

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" Flavor of food label general requirements " specifically the flavor product label include: product name, list of ingredients, net content, production date, shelf life, manufacturer's name and address, the product standard number, license number and the " food additive " " can not be directly edible " etc..

For consultants in the food industry researcher Zhou Siran points out, in fact, our country made a lot of flavors and fragrances of the relevant standards, but for a long time and have a specific flavor products label standards or regulations. Investment advisor released " 2010-2015 year Chinese fragrance and flavor industry investment analysis and forecast report " show, our country flavor spices standards and regulations for a total of 83, including the method of product standard, national standard and industry standard, were 39, 24 and 20. In addition, there are several products industry standards for approval.

Food flavor spices as the upstream materials, because of the added quantity is less, and generally will not cause harm, therefore compared with the preservative, antioxidant and other additives, social the attention of small. But since this year, the state has increased on the industry standardization. In July the Ministry of Health issued a " food spices, flavors and using the principle of (the draft ) ", a list of more than 20 kinds of plans were forbidden to add flavor to the food list, the industry caused heated discussion.

" Flavor of food label general requirements " carry out, completely changed the essence of food label lawless situation, not only contain the market blank labels, were labeled as such confusion, can also regulate the behavior of relevant enterprise, for the flavors and fragrances label management provided legal safeguard, favorable to the healthy development of the industry in the future.

In addition, " flavor of food label general requirements " also requires clear labeling genetically modified food and food irradiation. Zhou Siran points out, these two kinds of food is very obvious advantages, genetically modified food to reduce pesticide use, reduces the cost of production, food irradiation sterilization by irradiation, largely kept the food nutrition, but their security is concerned, the world is still to be determined. Regulations of the two food labelling requirements, protect the consumer's right to know, show our country laws and regulations is gradually becoming mature. The consultant research director Zhang Yanlin also points out, whether flavor spices food additives industry, or cold chain logistics construction, or catering industry norms, laws and regulations of China 's construction has a new level.

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