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Flavor spices export enterprises competing in emerging markets " nuggets "

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Exhibition held at Shanghai a few days ago round-the-world resource procurement fair, strive for new orders at the same time, Shanghai source of flavors and fragrances company general manager Chen Xinmei also are considering going to Singapore, India, expand the source of customers, the company specialized in the fragrance of spices series products production and export enterprises in 2009 to open up new market tasted "the sweetness ".

Chen Xinmei tells a reporter, last year in June through to Dubai exhibitors, she accumulated many " in the country without access to new customers ", and successful products into the Middle East High Stars Hotel, " the market is still growing, we have a great opportunity ".

And Chen Xinmei thought, practice similar to entrepreneur in a few. There are indications, increasing the export of enterprises has been changed " at home waiting for orders to come" for " active overseas emerging markets for new customer demand, new butt " and the market as the main source of future export growth.

From famous international media group global resources statistics, in 2009 the group in Dubai, Mumbai held fair, respectively, to attract exhibitors booth number more than 1100 and 800, than in 2008 jumped 40% and nearly 120%.

Export enterprises are so important to emerging markets, primarily due to " Europe and the United States market, emerging market affected by the crisis of the smaller, for exports to these regions have bigger growth potential. " President Huang Tanwei said the global resources exhibition department.

From the General Administration of customs, the latest data show that in 2009, China, the United States to the European Union, Japan and other traditional export market fell 19.4%, 12.5% and 15.7%, and for India, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other countries export decline is within 10%, some market also presents growth state.

On the other hand, is to benefit from the national relevant policies and measures to promote, for example to encourage export enterprises "going out ", China - ASEAN Free Trade Zone was established. The national development and Reform Commission of Foreign Economic Research Institute, a Yansheng recently pointed out, for the domestic export enterprises, reduce the dependence on European and American markets, develop new market is important to the future development path.

Data shows, our country exports accounted for us, Europe, Japan and other traditional market share reached 17.5% to 22%, but accounted for only 5.4% of Ukraine, Turkey 8.9%, Philippines 9.2%, India 10.5%, Brazil, Malaysia, South Africa, occupied Russia is only around 13%, emerging economies, the market still has great potential.

Huang Tanwei said, following in Hongkong, India Mumbai, Dubai held fair, global resources has been preparing this year in November, December in Singapore, South Africa to hold the exhibition, to assist the Chinese export enterprises to open up the ASEAN market and Africa market.

It is gratifying, China Commodity in many emerging market countries is very popular, has good market prospects. According to a India procurement staff survey, 87% of respondents plan to increase the amount of Chinese procurement of goods, including 30% of respondents also said China commodity procurement volume will increase over the previous year 20% to 40%.

However, should see at the same time is, in specific markets, there also exist some unfavorable factors. For example, China and some other emerging market countries in some areas of export competition exists, some countries frequently to China the implementation of trade protection measures. To this, the State Council Development Research Center of the Ministry of Foreign Secretary Zhao Jinping said, to this kind of market to strengthen bilateral cooperation, through dialogue, communication and coordination of policies, solve trade friction.

Huang Tanwei said, the export enterprises in the overseas market development, should be prepared to do, especially to understand the market demand, bring the right products, " to the enterprise, develop new markets is the strategy of long-term sex, initial expectations should not be too high "; if you choose overseas exhibitors, should be in product promotion, design and other aspects to improve initiative, new butt new customer demands.

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