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          Every year the company needs to purchase the following products:

Name of Raw Material  Model & Specification
Bromine   Excellent Grade
Red Phosphorus   Excellent Grade
Metallic Cobalt 99.8%
Manganese Metal 99.7%
Acetic Acid  Excellent Grade
Hydrogen Peroxide 27.50%
Polypropylene F401
Polyethylene 1C7A、7042
Absolute Ethyl Alcohol ≥99.8%
Liquid Ammonia ≥99.8%
Sodium Hydroxide Total Alkali(98~100.5)
Anhydrous Sodium Sulfate ≥99.3%
Petroleum ether Boiling Range60~90℃
Ethyl Acetate ≥99%
Bromopropane ≥99%
Propionitrile ≥99.5%
Polyphosphoric Acid ≥84%
Name of Raw Material Model & Specification
Antimony Oxide  99.8%
Ethylene Glycol 99.8%
Dimethyl Carbonate ≥99.5%
Sodium Amide ≥98%
Polyester Filament FDY1000D 
pp Polypropylene  840D 
Polyester Thread 35×3 
Ear 70×960mm
Superfine modifier Used in Drawing
Modifier Used in Packing Belt 
Paperboard 2345×763mm
Flat Wire Mild steel Coating
Printing Ink Aquosity
Floor Nail 50、57
Wood  1306×10×4mm
Square Buckle 42×42×3mm
Activated Carbon  Excellent Grade